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Rhum Dead Head 6y 5cl 40°

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Détails produit

Format 5cl: idéal pour les cadeaux originaux



Deadhead Rum is born from a blend of pure sugar cane juice and rich molasses. Sugar cane is crushed, and the juice is boiled in order to extract crystallized sugar. What remains is molasses, which retains about 50% of the sugar from the cane juice; this is the basis for the entire rum-making process. We own our own sugar cane plantations and make the finest molasses to ensure consistent fermentation.

In small batches, rich molasses is slowly fermented and double-distilled in pot stills removing impurities for an exquisite aroma, texture, and a pure, clean finish.

Meticulously crafted to achieve perfect balance and complexity, a fundamental component in our exceptional formula is

aging our rum in French and American oak barrels.

The interaction of wood endows
our rum with a luxurious golden color, as it matures and mellows the spirit for six years.

Once the rum has been aged, the art of
blending Deadhead begins. Our Master

Distiller handcrafts the subtle yet distinctive flavor profile that is the mark of excellent



Finished with charcoal polishing, the spirit in each bottle is a testament to the expert care and artistry of rum making.


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