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Gin Brooklyn 70cl 40°

€ 38.60

BROOKLYN GIN was launched in 2010 by co founders Joe Santos and Emil Jattne. With heads full of dreams, a flair for entrepreneurialism and a passion for craftsmanship, they broke free from a large spirits company to create their own handcrafted American gin. Brooklyn, NY is famous for its ingenuity, energy and a determination to succeed. We’re proud to say that our city’s spirit, plus the freshest ingredients and a commitment to traditional craftsmanship, have shaped the standout qualities of BROOKLYN GIN. Brooklyn’s diversity and multiculturalism makes it a hotbed for innovation and creation. Warehouses and factory buildings have been transformed into a hub for creativity and invention. Artists , musicians , designers and entrepreneurs contribute to an exciting, constantly changing, community one that BROOKLYN GIN is very happy to be part of. We believe in all things fresh. Fresh ideas , fresh ingredients and fresh methods . But we don’t cut corners . This guiding principal has created the world’s freshest tasting gin. We’ll drink to that. We steep our botanicals overnight in a barrel of American corn spirit, prior to distilling in our small, hand operated copper pot still. After chill filtering, each batch is taste tested before we fill , cork and label the bottles. Our bottle is considered a work of art, with the bronze medallion and heavy copper cap reflecting the industrial heritage of Brooklyn. For a more vibrant taste, we hand peel fresh lemons, limes, oranges and clementines, rather than using dried citrus which produces a dull, flat flavor . Our juniper berries are hand cracked to release sweeter and spicier notes for a more flavorful gin. Yes, it takes extra time and effort, but we believe you can taste the difference in every sip. BROOKLYN GIN is good enough to drink on its own, but also makes a great martini and gives real character to gin cocktails. The Bees Knees 60ml Brooklyn Gin 25ml fresh lemon juice 25ml honey syrup Shake all with ice and serve in a rocks glass. Garnish with a fresh lemon slice. Everyone needs a party trick. Press our metal bottle stopper into a large ice cube and in seconds you will have the perfect BROOKLYN GIN imprint. Go on, add some American style to your favourite cocktail.

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